Event: Short Body Landings - MU-2 On-Demand Webinar

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Event Name
Short Body Landings - MU-2 On-Demand Webinar
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09/16/2021  -  12/31/2022
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Recorded Webinar

The recorded MU-2 Webinar, presented by Ron Renz and Pat Cannon, features how to land short body MU-2's for the MU-2 Aircraft. During this webinar, you will hear our experts share techniques to improve landings as well as smoothing out the nosewheel touchdown experience. Service Information available for Nose Landing Gear System Inspections for the MU-2 airplanes is located in the "Notices" section of the website. If additional information is needed, please email us at www.mu-2support@mhia.com

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